Fantasie Underwear

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Fantasie underwear is a comfortable, supportive choice if you take a D+ cup size. The bras in the Fantasie range wonderfully combine delicate femininity and great support. This is what makes Fantasie lingerie so well loved by women who need plenty of support but refuse to wear a frumpy bra in order to get it.

Bust size and age don't have to equal unsexy, matronly bras of a bygone time. Fantasie understands this quite perfectly and make underwear that reflects a modern age, bringing out the best of your body shape.

Fantasie knickers are often cut away at the sides, with the most beautiful sheer lace panels to contrast with the main fabric and are shaped to flatter your figure and be comfortable. Gone are the days of suffering unbearable discomfort for the sake of wearing pretty knickers! The cuts are exquisite and accentuate your natural body shape to perfection.

If you like your underwear to be feminine without being too frilly and froufrou, comfortable without being drab, Fantasie are the brand for you. Fantasie knickers are really clever, because this level of control and comfort more often than not equals out-dated and unattractive, but because of the way they're designed and the fabrics used, Fantasie underwear manages to be supportive, flattering and contemporary.

Fantasie Underwear
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