Calvin Klein Underwear

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The genius of Calvin Klein is in the simplicity of the underwear. Clean lines and minimalism. Crisp, fresh white cotton briefs with the Calvin Klein logo defining the waistband - the ultimate in confident, less-is-more design. Calvin Klein underwear combines everyday practicality with the allure of high fashion.

CK underwear is synonymous with clean silhouettes. Calvin Klein boxers for men and women are timeless. You can slip into your Calvin Klein boxers with the confidence that comes with knowing you're wearing a classic, with the signature Calvin Klein logo at the waistband and a soft, comfortable fit.

Before Calvin Klein, women's underwear more or less fell into either 'sexy' or 'everyday' categories and men's was purely functional. All that changed with Calvin Klein. At last there was a fashion-forward underwear brand for both men and women that fused fashion, desirability and practicality. The boxers and briefs merged the sexes and this androgynous, modern underwear was a massive hit, making Calvin Klein the undisputed conqueror of the men's and women's underwear market.

Think Calvin Klein and chances are one of the first things that springs to mind is underwear. Maybe Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss' provocative, iconic Calvin Klein ad campaigns back in the 1990s in their crisp white Calvin Klein boxers and briefs, changing the face of men's and women's underwear forever.

Calvin Klein are the masters of keeping it simple. This is underwear for men and women who are confident enough in their own skin not to have to shout about it. This infamous brand makes the basics sexy but wearable.

Calvin Klein Underwear
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