Women's Shapewear

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Shapewear has come a long way in recent years; fabrics and design technology have progressed to a point now where you really can have the best of both worlds - shape and comfort. When you find yourself at the centre of attention, whether it's an important work presentation or your wedding day, shapewear can be nothing short of a life saver! There's a strong relationship between looking good and feeling good and if there are any parts of your body you're not 100% happy with, shapewear will sort it out, so that everything is in proportion and where it should be. Sometimes it's just not possible to get down to the gym in time for an important occasion, that's where your emergency shapewear comes in very handy!

The great thing about Shapewear is that it's improving all the time, both in design and comfort. Seams are increasingly invisible, which is so important under skintight clothing. A major bug bear for women in the past is the way control pants tended to roll down at the top. There have been significant improvements made so that shapewear stays put. This is quite useful on the dancefloor; it's just so not a good look, not to mention really irritating, to have to hoist up your underwear all the time on a big night out!

Shapewear brands of today are managing, through constant design innovation, to make shapewear that's actually pretty comfortable to wear. It's no longer unbearably restrictive, so you can wear it more often and for longer periods of time. You'll find shapewear by leading brands right here at Simply Undies.

Women's Shapewear
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